7:00 pm — 8:30 pm
Rivendell Institute
291 Edwards St

New Haven, CT 06511
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Special Speaker Event with Michèle Sigg

Please join us for this special opportunity to hear Dr. Sigg address the topic:

“The Dodo Bird’s Last Stand:
What the Continental Shift in World Christianity
Means for Africa, the Rest, and the West”


In 1997, sociologist Peter Berger publicly recanted his belief in the theory of secularization. After thirty years, he had recognized that “Most of the world today is certainly not secular. It is very religious.” Berger’s comment was informed by what many western scholars considered a disconcerting trend: the explosive growth of Christianity in the Global South over the last century. What does it mean to say that the center of gravity of world Christianity has shifted—that it is no longer located in the heart of European Christendom but is now somewhere near Timbuktu, Mali? How are religious scholars and church practitioners to think about this phenomenon? How does this shift challenge current paradigms of Christian history, normative concepts of “church” and mission, and the creation of new theologies? This lecture will give an overview of the transformation in global Christianity over the last century, the rise of African Christianity, and related themes of church renewal, evangelization, migration, contextualization, secularization, and the work of women in the church.

Michèle Sigg graduated from Boston University with a Ph.D. in History of Christianity, specializing in world Christianity. Her work focuses on African Christianity and women in global Christianity. She currently oversees the distinguished Dictionary of Africa Christian Biography. (For her full bio click here.)

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