Since she could talk Anita has always been asking questions. Many of her questions at present relate to her passion to help women navigate the varied and vying pressures of the academy and there experience a flourishing within the totality of life – physically, soulishly and spiritually. This passion grew out of her own experiences among women as an undergraduate at Yale gathering up conversations on the college fence and intensified within her professional experience in news production for CBS (NYC) and NBC (Europe) with her unofficial role as confidante to many a colleague. Prolonged plaguing of a debilitating autoimmune disease (two decades) coinciding with marriage and motherhood, yielded in certain respects an externally fallow life season but one, when assessed in a sanguine mood, rich in germination internally. It is from this store Anita draws in her capacity as Co-Director of the Rivendell Student Fellows program. Although she is an anglophile she cheers for Italy in World Cup Soccer.