Soozie Schneider co-founded Associates in Media, a nonprofit organization serving film and television writers, directors, producers and studio executives in Hollywood and NYC. She led a team in organizing numerous meetings and conferences for the film industry that focused on the problems of living out one’s faith in the midst of this particular industry. Throughout her time in Hollywood Soozie researched, wrote and spoke on the effects of American media on various cultures around the world and published a number of articles on women filmmakers, particularly in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. She has been on the board of various film festivals, including Women in Film International, and the Glasnost Film Festival. In addition, she has helped to staff 15 international film festivals in the USA and Europe. Following her time in Hollywood, Soozie lived in Moscow, Russia with her husband, Rick, and three children. While he finished his PhD and taught university courses, she continued her studies in language and culture, and organized a number of cultural events. Currently in conjunction with a grant from the Templeton Foundation, Soozie is coordinating the Faculty Roundtables at Yale University, which have been created to foster dialogue that explores the intersection of contemporary academic research and Christian thought on issues related to science, art and religion.