Spiritual Formation Scripture Study

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Friday nights, 7-9 PM

Spiritual Formation is the process that enables Christians to move from knowledge to thought, and from thought to practice as we seek to fully identify as Christ followers in the world. The Rivendell Institute welcomes graduate and professional students and their spouses to meet together with us as we explore spiritual growth beyond the basic Bible study. During the year, Spiritual Formation presents diverse opportunities for events like prayer retreats, colloquia, and guest speakers. These are selected for their relevance to the unique spiritual needs of the academic community. Spiritual Formation Bible studies focus on understanding who God is, how God sees us, and how God empowers us as we learn to see ourselves through the lens of Christ and learn how to be intentional about living out a more wholly spiritual life. Towards that end, Bible studies have an emphasis on practical ways to foster that kind of spiritual formation in your own busy life. Spiritual disciplines such as journaling and Lectio Divina are taught for those who would like to employ them as their own daily habits. The goal of this program is to help Yale graduate and professional students to become fully formed in their faith and to develop practices that serve to ground them in a greater sense of identity and purpose—even through the enormous challenges of academic and professional life. Welcome!

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Location: 291 Edwards St, New Haven, CT 06511.

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“The spiritual formation program at Rivendell has kept me anchored and at peace amidst the challenges of graduate study. It has been a constant reminder that my identity and happiness are not found in what I do, but in Christ. Mentors are readily available to assist Yale students in their academic and spiritual journeys. Additionally, the sense of ‘community’ is authentic. The Rivendell Spiritual Formation program is not an opportunity to be passed up!”

– Jane Meditz, M.A.R. ’17, Yale Divinity School

Spiritual Formation Colloquium

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Rivendell hosts an annual spiritual formation colloquium for students in the graduate and professional schools, as well as their faculty and spouses. We feature panelists from a variety of professional and academic fields who share from their experience on various topics, primarily relating to how they have sought to follow Christ in the midst of academic, professional, and personal pursuits. This year, we plan to expand our colloquium to include men’s issues in our discussion of personal and vocational topics.

Past presenters include: Dr. Barry Wu, Yale Medical School; Esther Lam, PhD, United Nations Human Rights regional director; Mary Habeck, Ph.D., Strategic Studies, Georgetown; Dr. Amy Chai, Associate; and Chitra Kavoor, Marketing, Management and Education; Dr. Jean Koh Peters, Yale Law School; Dr. Margarita Mooney, Yale Sociology research fellow; Dr. Bo Karen Lee, Princeton Theological Seminary; Dr. Pam Haas Cochran, Sewanee University; Dr. Angeanette Roberts, virologist and apologist; Nancy Yao Maasbach, Yale China Center; Dr. Ellice Wong, Yale Medical School; and Dr. Linsey Courtney, Yale Oncology Pharmaceuticals.