Established in 2013, the Rivendell Student Fellowship (RSF) is a yearlong, highly selective (10-12 students per year) program that equips graduate and professional students to integrate the fullness of their Christian faith with their various academic and professional callings. This goal is accomplished through a yearlong program of individual and group mentorship, as well as biweekly seminars developing theories and techniques of integrating Christianity and the academic endeavor, and applying that integration to the academic disciplines represented by the current student fellows. In addition to this material, students will demonstrate their proficiency with the themes of integration by producing an integration project (a white paper, piece of art, essay, etc.) that seeks to illuminate a pressing question in their fields through the categories and content provided in the RSF program, or demonstrating where those resources are currently insufficient and in need of further development. The goal of this program is to equip Yale graduate and professional students to exercise their influence for the sake of Christ in their various cultural spheres.


The life of the disciple is ordered and animated by the call of Jesus Christ and his Gospel. How does a life in answer to that call flesh itself out within the academy and beyond in various spheres of endeavor? The Rivendell Student Fellows program sets itself to explore this vital question with a select team of thinking activists proven to be dedicated to gospel mission. This initiative, through means of biblical engagement, rigorous discussion and invited conversation partners aims to both clarify the nature of faithful missional presence and animate its varied expression especially in the academy. As camaraderie and continuity within the fellowship is critical for the full fruitfulness of the project each participant must commit to attend all scheduled gatherings. Fellows, over the course of the year, will develop a short integration project exploring the bearing of their Christian faith upon their discipline.

Student Fellows


Gatherings, Colloquia & Retreats

There will be a series of 90 minute Thursday evening studies/discussions and a dinner colloquium each semester. The colloquia will feature guest presenters who exemplify the integration of their Christian faith with their vocation. In addition, there will be an overnight kick-off retreat to get acquainted, and a final weekend retreat on a Vermont farm. These required meeting times can be found on the calendar of events at link below.


In addition to ongoing peer mentoring, Student Fellows will have the opportunity to meet with a Senior Fellow for encouragement, counsel and prayer once monthly or as agreed. Student Fellows will also be encouraged to enter into mentoring relationships themselves as opportunity presents.


Dates & How to Apply

We are now accepting applications for the 2021–2022 class of Rivendell Student Fellows. The application can be accessed here, and is due on July 10. Applicants will be notified of application decisions by July 24. Dates for the upcoming year can be accessed here. Please contact for further information or with any inquiries.